Regal Elite Realty is a valley wide, full service real estate company owned and operated by Louise Lively. Louise offers property management, leasing, and tenant placement services for owners, as well as helping people buy and sell residential and commercial properties as a Real Estate agent.

Louise Lively has been a Real Estate Agent working in property management since 2012. In 2014, she decided to open Regal Elite Realty, allowing her to work in both residential and commercial property management, leasing, and sales. Regal Elite now also has a Landscaping & Maintenance Division which allows Regal to keep many of those services in-house.

Meet Louise Lively

“My number one passion is property management and I believe that people excel at what they love to do. There is a more personal aspect to property management then there is with real estate sales. Most of my owners have been with me for well over ten years, as have most of my tenants. Property Managers tend to have a bad reputation in the Real Estate field, and I work really hard to be exception to the rule.


I work hard to provide my owners, my tenants, and my clients the best possible experience they can have,  whether it’s with the home they are looking to rent, the home they are purchasing as an investment property, or a home they are purchasing to call home for their own family.


Whether it’s one of my many out-of-state owners, or one of my local owners, I want them to have the peace of mind that Regal Elite Realty is taking care of their home as if it were their own. I truly love what I do…and I do the best job I can for my owners, my clients, and my tenants.”

Louise Lively


If you would like to discuss your property management or real estate needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Louise at Regal Elite Realty. Call 602-510-8335 or email louise@regaleliterealty.com.